The innovative marketing strategy that leads your company to success.

Roadshow as a
successful marketing tactic

Discover the power of the roadshow as a successful marketing tactic! Present your company on-site, interact directly with potential customers and expand your reach. Start now and let your brand shine on the roadshow!

Enough with
Shotgun Marketing!

Winning dream customers in a targeted manner with roadshows

The fact is:
For many medium-sized companies, trade fairs have completely ceased to be
safe lead sources have completely fallen away and the question remains:

"How do we acquire new prospects and customers?"

Every ambitious marketing manager is looking for a new,
innovative and secure lead source to:


Invest the existing marketing budget wisely


to acquire new customers in a targeted manner, away from the usual marketing channels

Sales Management

Inspire management and sales management to enjoy their full confidence

About MOST

With the MOST GmbH team, we have been roadshow experts for more than roadshow experts for 30 years and support marketing managers and medium-sized companies in using roadshows as innovative marketing events and winning dream customers in a targeted manner.

With us as an experienced manufacturer of show trucks and full-service provider, you can plan and realize your individual "traveling in-house exhibition", even if you only have a small marketing budget and no prior experience with the planning and logistics of a roadshow.

What are you waiting for?

Inspire your prospects, customers and colleagues with your superlative show truck.

Stefan Schäfer

Managing Director
MOST | Roadshow Experts

Our team of experts is ready to help you plan and implement your roadshow.

Every business has unique goals and requirements, so we offer customized solutions tailored to your exact needs!